After Christmas, you will see fences placed around a couple of buildings on our grounds. The ‘red corridor’ building (Bristol Building) & the multi-purpose building (OSH Care) will be demolished to make way for an aesthetically designed building housing three classrooms, student bathrooms, staff office, meeting room and a ‘learning street’. The current Years 5 & 6 building (facing Kanandah Court) will be refurbished and transformed into a state of the art administration block housing Principal Class and Education Support staff, reception, staffroom, meetings rooms, disabled & staff bathrooms. Alongside of the new administration block with be a spacious art room.

Once this work is completed then the current administration building & art room along with the ‘old’ library building (the original library has already been relocated into our BER building) will be demolished to make way for a new play oval and amphitheatre.

Check out the attached plans and architect designs