Welcome back Research Primary!

“I came in like a wrecking ball” – how great is our sign?!

I was very excited to see all of my favourite little smiley faces this morning, along with their new haircuts, missing teeth and growth spurts. There is much excitement in the air with the topic on everybody’s lips being the building project. We are now officially a construction site and I understand that excitement could soon turn to frustration as we navigate through our new spaces, sounds and outdoor environment. To combat these worries we had a mini assembly.

We talked firstly about our wonderful Research family. The way we uphold the values, are role models to others, are problem solvers, how our decisions impact our future and how we always strive for improvement. We dreamt about what we want to be when we grow up and how these aspirations drive us even at this young age. We then discussed our feelings towards the building project, and we were able to explain to the students what things will be like over the coming months. We talked about safety being the first priority.  It was explained to the students that we encourage their curiosity, but they need to follow some rules for their safety.

  • All students were walked around the school and the “in bounds” and “out of bounds” areas were explained explicitly
  • Students were encouraged to watch the excitement, however, to do it by taking one step back from the fence lines
  • Students understand that they should not be touching any of the fencing or barricades as they are very important for their safety and the contractors safety
  • Students understand that they are not to go into the construction site under any circumstances
  • Finally, they were encouraged to always be cautious and on alert as our grounds are not as predictable as they used to be

In terms of the effect on your drop off and pick up, unfortunately from Friday we are cutting off the access to the office and BER through the staff car park as construction trucks and cars can enter into the site from this point.  As much as I understand that this is another inconvenience (especially for those of you with prams), we would much rather eliminate all potential risks. Therefore, please access the school from either the back car parking area behind the gym or the Kanandah Court driveway. A reminder that parking in Little Scooters Car Park is not allowed.

If you are really struggling with a pram and are worried about the stairs that you might encounter, although a little bumpy, you may enter through the back of the oval and walk across the grass to the BER.  If you need to get to the office, you can walk up the Kanandah Court driveway and loop all the way around to the office (it is safe for adults to pass the temporary cones and continue through to the office).

Please also drive extra cautiously during drop off and pick up as the predictability of where pedestrians might be is not the same as it was before.

Finally, as always, please, please, please come and chat to me about ANYTHING to do with this project. It is going to be a challenging time so I want you to know that I will do anything to alleviate any additional pressure on you. No question or concern is silly – give yourself peace of mind and ask.

Thank you so much for your support. You are an exceptional and resilient bunch who really are taking this all in your stride. It really is exciting times ahead.

Fiona Vale, Principal