I just wanted to send out a quick note to officially acknowledge the end of term and wish you all love, health and safety over the coming weeks. It is my wish that we can be together again without the constraints that the virus has imposed. I used to joke that “schools are beautiful places without students”. I promise to never say that again – because they are not! I have missed your children’s innocence, humour, and perspective. They are often wiser than us.

We have worked hard this week and are confident that we can deliver our nurturing, caring and educational environment from home if this is required.  The teachers have felt what some of your children feel in class when embarking on learning new things. The learning curve has been steep and we all have a deeper appreciation of how our students can feel in class.

I will keep you updated on any information that you need to know over the break, however, I am also conscious that everyone needs a little break from all of this. Hopefully I will not have to bombard you. As it stands, the first day of term is Tuesday 14th April and this will be student free. In an ideal world, our students will start the next day fresh and ready to learn. However, if this is not to be, we will make it work. We probably won’t get it right to start with but we will work it out together!

Let’s not forget the fantastic start that we had to the year. We achieved so much. Our community was strong already and this will only strengthen us further. We have new values to roll out and plenty of postponed activities to catch up on! Lots to look forward to.

Please take care in these difficult times and reach out should you need any support. I will be checking the research.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au email address every day so if I can help, please yell out. Please take good care of your mental health and wellbeing as a priority. There is lots of support, don’t be afraid to tap into it and to ask for help.

Just one little housekeeping matter if I may, please look out for an “opt out” letter which will come through today. It is giving us permission to start to set up an online learning platform should we need it. You need only to respond if you do not wish for your child to participate in online learning.

As for the work set, it is now holidays. Let your babies rest and take the opportunity to get back to what matters most. There is enough work to carry you through the first week at least. Should school not return, there will be more uploaded, along with our ‘plan of attack’ by the end of the first week.

Finally, thank you for all of your emails, cards and words of support. It has been quite overwhelming and I am humbled. I feel very privileged and honoured to be your Principal. Take care, Ms Vale

Ps. Once this is all over, I am implementing a mandatory group hug before every assembly!