Dear Parents/Guardian,

Term 2 was certainly a success given the sheer learning curve from staff, students and parents regarding learning new platforms as well as new structures and routines. Throughout the period we continued to strive to improve our processes and better meet the needs of all involved as we all worked together.

With the return to remote learning for the beginning of term 3, we have reviewed feedback from staff, students and parents regarding our last remote learning period to improve our processes. Thanks to the feedback, we can continue to develop. One of the biggest challenges parents faced during the first round was keeping their child motivated or accountable at home to complete the work. We have come up with some ideas to support this feedback and will trial these changes and review them at the end of each week. One of the main changes is the number of WebEx sessions available to our Year 2-6 students as support. Please note, these sessions will not be compulsory, but encouraged for those students with questions, who would like further clarification on the given task or just need that extra level of accountability. This is outlined in further detail below.

Last term staff used Wednesday afternoon as their planning time. During this time they were not accessible online. This term teachers will be making lesson more explicit, with Learning Intentions attached to each task. With that in mind, it has become clear that teachers require more time for planning and meeting. As a consequence we have made an adjustment for this term. Staff will now plan Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. This will mean staff are unavailable from 1.30pm on these day. This will provide teachers with their regular allocated planning time.

Please be aware staff make phone calls throughout the day and often use their own mobile phones. For privacy reasons they have set these to private number. Please keep this in mind when you receive calls from either a private number or unknown caller.

Each teacher is rostered on throughout the week to supervise the children of essential workers. Teachers will inform their class when they are rostered on as it may affect their response time to emails or messages from the class.

Below is the information regarding remote learning 2.0, including these changes we are trialing.

Area – Learning Platform

Teacher Expectation:

Teachers will upload all work to Google Classroom by 3.30 Friday afternoon in preparation for the following week.

Student /Parent Expectation:

Ensure you have Google Classroom login details available. If not, email the classroom teacher prior to the beginning of remote learning


Area – WebEx

Teacher Expectations:

Year 2-6 teachers will conduct two WebEx sessions on Mon, Wed and Fri. Both of which are available for the whole class –

Session1: Explicit instruction of the stated task or set up for the day.

Session 2: Check-in /accountability/support

On Tues and Thurs, only the morning session will runs as teachers have planning time in the afternoon.

Prep/1 teachers will continue to hold WebEx sessions and further information will follow regarding how this will look.

Student /Parent Expectations:

Attend and participate in WebEx sessions where they chose

Follow the WebEx etiquette guidelines (this will be explicitly taught on the first day of remote learning for Year 2-6)


Area – Morning message

Teacher Expectation:

Teachers will upload a message on Google Classroom each morning with any reminders.

Student /Parent Expectation:

Students will need to acknowledge they have read the message, by writing a comment each morning as a start to their day.


Area – Task Submission

Teacher Expectation:

To ensure students are being accountable for their work, teachers will allocate a number of task per week be submitted by students to Google Classroom.

Student /Parent Expectations:

Ensure all work is submitted on Google Classroom and not emailed to the teacher to manage email traffic and allow feedback through the Google Classroom platform.

If you are uploading a photo of your work, please ensure the picture is clear, with good lighting and close enough for the teacher to mark.


Area – Emails

Teacher Expectations:

Teachers will communicate with students through emails.

Teachers will reply to student emails between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

Student /Parent Expectation:

Students need to regularly check their emails for notifications of feedback and emails from teachers.


We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different and as a consequence we have aimed to provide you with a learning program which is flexible to suit the learning needs of the children as well as supporting families. If you or your child is struggling with the remote learning, please contact us so we can look at ways to support.

We know that the first round of restrictions was hard on some of our students and families and having to do it all over again may create new emotions or trigger old one. If your child or as parents, you require some support around health and wellbeing, please contact the school and we can provide you with the number of a counsellor we highly recommend.

Should you have any further questions or clarification, please feel free to the school.