Prep Enrolments for 2022
From the beginning of the year, Ms Vale, Ms Glembin and I have conducted 50 tours (!) for prospective families for 2022 (this also includes students moving into other year levels). Pleasingly, we have almost 20 Prep enrolments for next year with 70% of these being new families to Research Primary School! At the rate we are going, our planning for next year may will start a little earlier than usual. This is an amazing problem to have – we encourage you to continue spreading the good word about Research Primary School, and encourage friends, family and acquaintances to call for a tour and/or complete enrolment forms to ensure a spot for 2022! It would help us immensely if any of our current families who will be enrolling a younger child at Research PS for Prep 2022, could do so by the end of Term 2.