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1570 Main Road,
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Research Primary School

Weekly Newsletter

Each Tuesday a School Newsletter is sent home outlining coming events and informing parents and the community of activities within the School and Local Community.

The current school newsletter can be found here


Contacting Teachers

Please contact the School Office to arrange to speak to your child’s classroom teacher. Teachers often regularly have meetings before and after school so if you require a detailed discussion, an interview time should be arranged in advance.

To minimise disruptions to classrooms, for any phone calls for teachers during class time, a message will be taken (except in the case of an emergency) and passed on to that teacher during morning recess, lunch time or after school.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school when problems arise. Generally, any problems or queries can be cleared up quickly and easily.



Visitors to the school, including parents who are assisting in classrooms, are asked to report to the office to sign the Visitors Register. This is for both security and safety reasons. When visiting the school for the purpose of interviews with teachers, delivering messages, collecting children for appointments etc please call at the Office first. This ensures that classroom organisation is not interrupted and misunderstandings avoided.


Student Support

The following services are available through the school and are utilised as the need arises:


Educational Psychologist

An educational psychologist is available to assist children and families with emotional or behavioural problems, and the service is made available to parents through a referral system.


Speech Therapy

A speech therapist is available to assist families of children with speech difficulties. Parental approval is gained prior to utilising this service.


School Nurse

The School Nurse Service provides a medical examination for all Prep children each year.